The best Instagram scheduling app is a source of consternation for many business owners who aren’t sure which one to use.

What characteristics are the most important? Should you utilize a scheduler that will upload your content for you automatically? Was there any mention of reporting and analytics?

We’ve taken care of everything. In our Complete Guide on Scheduling Instagram Posts, I describe how you can save time, enhance interaction, develop your following, and plan Instagram posts for free by following the steps outlined below:

What is the point of scheduling Instagram posts?

Every business owner is well aware of the fact that time equals money. Moreover, if you’re wanting to make good use of that ever-so-valuable resource, it makes perfect sense to enlist the assistance of an Instagram scheduler.

As an example, consider this: would you like to invest 30 minutes each day combing through your images to find a suitable caption, add hashtags, and so forth? Alternatively, you might set out 1-2 hours per day to arrange your Posts on Instagram for the whole week.

We’re willing to wager that the second choice is correct.

Here are three more reasons to plan Instagram posts for your business, in case you’re still not convinced:

1. Instagram posts can be scheduled in advance to save time

In just a few minutes, you can import all of your photographs and videos into your Later Media Library and begin scheduling your Instagram posts.

Consider all of the things you could accomplish with the extra time you’d have!

Whether you’re trying to increase your exposure with just an effective Instagram hashtags plan, holding an Instagram contest and giveaway, or curating a beautiful Instagram feed, employing the best Instagram scheduler may help you spend more time on your strategy and less time on the details of the process.

2. Instagram posts should be scheduled in order to generate better captions.

A well-written Instagram caption can make the difference between someone clicking on the link in the bio and someone engaging with your post. Producing high-quality Instagram captions, on the other hand, might be difficult, especially if you’re composing them on the fly.

As opposed to inventing new, interesting captions every single day, signing up for the free Later profile and writing the captions in preparation from the desktop is a better option!

In this way, if you’re feeling inspired or in the “writing zone,” you may sit down at the computer and invest a few moments writing out the captions for the rest of the week.

3. Instagram posts should be scheduled in order to create a visually appealing Instagram feed.

When someone visits your profile for the first time, you have several seconds to capture their attention and persuade them to become a follower of your account.

One of the most effective methods of increasing your Instagram following is to create a well-curated look and feel for your profile. It’s fortunate that this is another area where employing the best Instagram schedule might be beneficial!

Sooner’s Visual Instagram Planner simplifies the process of planning and designing your feed by allowing you to drag and drop photographs you’ll use in future posts on the planner then rearranging things until you reach the appropriate look or style.

The following are the steps to schedule Instagram posts:

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of scheduling Instagram posts, let’s have a look at a few tips for maximizing your Insta posting potential:

Create and curate your Instagram material

If you’re developing your own content on Instagram, having “shoot days” when you create a large amount of content for the Instagram account in a single day is a terrific method to maximize your time.

Whether you’re making filler material for your Instagram account or putting together a complete product photoshoot, proper planning can help you manage your content and create a smoother flow in your feed.

As soon as you’ve collected all of your pictures and videos, you may utilize Later to quickly and conveniently upload them all to the Media Library, where they may be stored until you’re ready to publish them.

You may also use labels to help you better arrange your content, whether it’s my campaign, shoot, color, or topic. You can also use labels to help you better organize your content. This makes it easier to find and use the appropriate video or photo when you really need one.

In order to be able to examine all of your content in one location before posting to Instagram, whether you’re collecting content for Instagram or doing a combination of the two, it’s vital to gather all of your content in one area.

Fortunately, we have a variety of consumer content services that make sourcing, distributing, and properly crediting content a breeze.

Find on-brand material and save it to the Later Media Library in a few clicks – whether it’s photographs and videos you’ve been tagged in there on Instagram or any picture from the web – so you can reshare it whenever you want.

And don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get the credit you deserve every time.

Find the Most Appropriate Time for Post on Instagram

It is essential that you optimize your posting times so that the bulk of the followers are online if you really want to overcome the Instagram algorithms in 2021.

As an example, consider this: because Instagram is now promoting “new” content on people’s feeds, posting when the majority of your followers are actively reading the app will give you the best chance of having the content next to your followers.

So it’s critical to figure out your own specific optimal time to publish on Instagram so you can exploit the platform’s algorithm to boost your reach and garner more likes and followers, among other benefits.

So, what is the best way to go about it?

If you have an Instagram business account, one way is to log into Instagram Insights and look at your audience numbers to figure out what your greatest times are for posting. Then you can make a mental note to post at such times each day. However, when you’re trying to operate a business, this isn’t the best situation!

You can skip the tests and get directly to the valuable data by using an Instagram advertising platform like Later, which will take care of all of the work for you!

Developing an Optimal Time to Post, to help you find the best publishing times for your Instagram account because every account is unique.

Your best posting times will immediately be marked in the weekly content calendar if you’re a subscriber to one of Later’s paid plans, making it very simple to schedule all Posts on social media for when your following is most engaged!

Make a plan for your Instagram feed

Finally, once you’ve determined when the Instagram audience is still most active and amassed a slew of fantastic photos that authentically represent your company, the final step before scheduling all Instagram posts is to map out the Instagram feed.

If you want to improve interaction and followers on your Instagram feed, it’s crucial to plan the aesthetic of your feed. You can accomplish this easily using Later’s free Visual Instagram Planner.

There is nothing more to it than dragging and dropping your photographs onto the graphical planner, rearranging them to see just how they will appear in your feed, and then clicking save.

Because of this, it’s much easier to create a seamless & visually consistent Instagram feed, which will surely help you gain more followers.

However, how do you arrange your photographs in order to make a smooth feed?

Have you ever taken a look at the Instagram feed as a whole thought about how all of your photographs work together? Subjects are spaced evenly out in the better feeds, and there is a good diversity of them. Creating balance & depth of field in your Instagram feed is similar to creating these effects in a photograph.

If you publish a photo with such a lot of detail, you’ll want to level this out with a brighter picture or a photo that has a bunch of white spaces around it to make it look balanced. Avoid publishing the same photographs in close succession, so mix up at the top flat-lay photos with the other information or a new angle to avoid repetition.

Instagram Posts Can Be Scheduled in Minutes

After you’ve spent time researching the optimal time to publish on Instagram, gathering material, and arranging your feed, the very last point you want is to spend a significant amount of time really scheduling the posts. Fortunately, there are several tools available to help you with this.

The good news is that there is a simpler solution: Later’s free Quick Schedule tool. It allows you to design your personal Instagram queue depending on the optimal times for you to post and afterward quickly bulk schedule several posts at the same time, for example:

For Instagram posts, you’ll want to begin by creating an Instagram queue just on the “weekly” page of Later’s content calendar, which you can access via your Later account. If you want to add a time slot to the queue, just double-click on it, and a grey screen will open. To change your time, start dragging the timeslot to a time you want it to be.

Simply select numerous photographs or videos from the media collection then drag and drop them to the top of the calendar once you’ve built a schedule of the personal best posting times.

What about Instagram Stories, do you think? Yes, you may schedule those as well!

Using the storyboard tool, begin by visualizing your goals and objectives. The storyboard tool allows you to drag & drop stories onto it, then rearrange them to fit whatever order and appearance you like.

You also can crop or resize photographs to meet the 9:16 aspect ratio of Instagram Stories, if necessary.

Follow this by adding any links and captions to the scheduled stories, which are automatically copied to your smartphone after the post is scheduled.

In order to schedule Insta Stories, simply select both date and time from the fall menu next to the Save Story button on the right.

When it is time to post, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone!

After then, it’s as simple as posting your tales in a matter of seconds: your images, videos, captions, or links are all sent directly to the phone when it’s time to post.

Captions and hashtags should be optimized

Writing captions is among the most time-taking aspects of publishing on Instagram, aside from planning the aesthetic of your feed.

Another reason to use the best Instagram scheduler is for this reason. When you plan a post with Later, one can write appealing captions or CTAs from the comfort of your own home, rather than when you’re busy or on the road.

In fact, most Later users will set out a day to sit at the computers & spend some few minutes writing up their week’s captions. And there’s no better method than Later’s Hashtag Suggestions for identifying extremely relevant and specialized hashtags for your postings.

Simply enter one appropriate hashtag (such as #archdesign) into Hashtag Suggestions, click “Suggest,” and the function will create 30 other hashtags, ranked by relevancy.

Then you can pick and select which hashtags to use in your post. Simply click “Insert Hashtags” and your hashtags will be placed at the end of the caption.

Once you’ve found some rising hashtags, you can save them in Later’s Saved Captions and use them for scheduling your post.

Your Instagram Posts Will Be Auto-Published

Because it wasn’t available inside the Insta Graph API back then, you only could schedule a video to Instagram via push notifications.

However, thanks to multiple API updates, you may now plan Instagram posts direct to Insta, with no need for push notifications! Simply submit your picture or video, choose a time and date, and the post will be published on Instagram instantly.

There are some limits to the Insta API to be aware of, and depending on the sort of post you wish to schedule, notifications may be required. Here are a few points to know:

Instagram business profiles are the only ones that can automatically publish to the platform. You’ll need to link your Instagram profile to a Fb page to make the transfer.

Instagram creator profiles aren’t connected to the Insta API, therefore services like Auto Publish aren’t available.

Only single photographs and videos can be scheduled straight to Instagram. You’ll need to use alerts to plan carousel posts and Instagram Stories.

All Later plans include automatic Instagram publishing, which you may perform from the desktop or mobile app. Free plans do not allow you to schedule videos.

Start scheduling your Instagram posts and videos right now, with no need for a push notification!