A strong tool for small and medium-sized enterprises, social media is among the most widely used platforms today. You can use it to locate new consumers, boost traffic to your website, and keep in contact with existing customers. However, like with many strong technologies, you must exercise caution in how you employ it. The traditional consumer apps make it next to impossible to manage several inboxes, publish on all of the multiple platforms, and keep everything consistent. It is necessary to be using a social marketing application to perform it properly.

Using the top social media management solutions, you can get complete control over your presence on social media from a single location. You’ll be able to effortlessly automate, analyze, or control all of your accounts, allowing you to devote your time and energy to developing the types of content that your audience enjoys.

We checked nearly fifty social media management tools through their paces, and here are the top five results:

The most effective social media management applications

  • Buffer is a simple tool for scheduling social media posts.
  • Hootsuite is a social media scheduling, tracking, and analytics platform that does it all.
  • MeetEdgar to automate your social media updates.
  • SocialPilot for small groups of people
  • Sendible is a cost-effective option that includes all of the functions.

What characteristics distinguish an excellent social media tool?

Social media management applications are designed to accomplish a single goal: to make managing your company’s social media presence simple and efficient. Most small firms don’t have the resources or the time to devote to posting individual updates or checking in on each site several times per day, as is the case with many large corporations. With this in mind, we established some fairly strict criteria for what we considered to be an excellent social media management platform:

Each app had to support several social networks, at the very least Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it couldn’t just be one. Although support for additional networks and services was appreciated, it was not required for inclusion.

On social media, whether you’re posting about yourself or for your company, it’s easy to get lost in the moment. This shouldn’t be physically demanding work that necessitates daily commitments. To accomplish this, we needed tools that would allow you to plan future posts or updates so that you could group the social media effort into several blocks each and every week. Additionally, it would be excellent if apps provided access to the social network inboxes separate from the distractions of the stream, allowing you to respond to consumers without being entangled in the conversation.

It shouldn’t be a game of chance when it comes to social media. Varied types of information will elicit different responses from different types of audiences. The top social media management solutions will provide thorough information on how your posts perform, making it easy for you to determine what content is most effective for your target demographic. Although not all social media networks provide the same level of analytics, you should expect to receive the same features across all of the social networks you use. (Sadly for marketing companies, not all social media networks provide the same level of analytics, so you shouldn’t expect to receive the same features across all of the social networks you use.)

Finally, all of the apps have to be reasonably priced for small and medium-sized enterprises to be considered. On the market, there are lots of enterprise or influencer-focused applications that demand a steep premium for capabilities that you’ll never use or even need. The concern was not so much about the price as it was about the value for money.

It’s also worth mentioning that every program offers a free trial period, and some even provide a completely free subscription. Consider trying 2 or 3 that sound like they would be the best fit for you before making a choice based on our observations; then make your final decision.

Using the best social media tool for uncomplicated social media scheduling is essential.


The social media scheduling tool Buffer has been around for a long time, and it has gone through several upgrades, adjustments, and mutations during its existence. It is compatible with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Users can link up to 3 social accounts, which can include Facebook Pages and groups, for no additional charge.

When you connect a social media account for the first time, Buffer will automatically construct a timetable for you. Buffer comprises 4 slots per day through default, one in the morning, one around midday, one late afternoon, and one later in the evening, depending on the time zones you’ve selected. To make changes to the posting schedule, go to Options > Posting Schedule. You can delete and add time slots at any moment, as well as disable a whole day. The more the number of slots you have, the greater the number of upgrades you’ll need to schedule. Buffer’s straightforward dashboard, phone applications, and browser extensions make scheduling updates a breeze.

Buffer provides extensions for Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and Safari that allow you to schedule items from the internet. To schedule an update, click the Buffer symbol in the toolbar (or press the corresponding keyboard), compose the update, and then click Add to Queue. Additionally, there are mobile apps for both ios & Android devices, allowing you to plan appointments on the go.

If you want more comprehensive social media management solutions or to manage more than 3 social media accounts at the same time, the Essentials plan will cost you $6/month per social channel and is available for a one-time fee of $99 (plus applicable taxes). This grants you access to thorough metrics as well as engagement tools, which allow you to communicate with the audience directly from Buffer’s interface.

One user, three accounts, and 10 queued posts per profile are included in Buffer’s free plan; the Essentials plan allows unlimited stored posts per profile for $6/month; the Team plan offers unlimited users for $12/month per social channel.

The best all-in-one scheduling, tracking, and analytics solution for social media


With Hootsuite, you’ll be able to manage all of the social media accounts in one place. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Insta, & Pinterest are all supported by the app. Hootsuite’s app directory provides access to other network connections, but they can be hit and miss.

Posts can be queued up in advance in Hootsuite’s full-featured scheduler. Use the AutoSchedule option to automatically post changes at times when your audience is most likely to see them or set up your schedule. Using Bulk Composer, you may upload a CSV file of prepared updates and fill the queue for days, weeks, months, or even the whole course of a social campaign. In the Planner, you can see all of the posts that have been scheduled to go out, as well as drag and drop to reorder them.

Analytics is one of Hootsuite’s greatest points, but you’ll need a more premium subscription to access them all. Using more than 200 variables, the tool lets you better analyze your social media results. Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV files can be exported once you have prepared reports. Similar reports can be used to measure the performance of a team or an individual.

If you want to keep an eye on social media, Hootsuite can help you by providing unique social streams. Customizable feeds allow you to monitor the social networking website for the mention, early, search phrases, hashtags, interaction, and more, all from the comfort of your own home. Streams can be tailored to include or omit keywords, post categories, regions, and languages. The search phrase “portrait” with the filter “pictures” will help you identify negative postings that contain the word “portrait” and an accompanying image if you’re selling custom portraits. As a result, you might then target these individuals with your commercial endeavors.

To avoid distributing passwords, you can give different levels of access to different team members in larger organizations. The bundled content library in Hootsuite allows your team to create updates with the assets of your choice. In addition to GIPHY’s free stock photographs and GIFs, you can use Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive to access your photos and GIFs, or you may pay for services such as Adobe Stock to get access to more images. It is possible to delegate duties to the team members (such as reacting to comments and incoming messages) and then review the outgoing answers before they are delivered.

You can also use Hootsuite’s integration with Zapier to automate tasks like thanking new Followers on Twitter or creating new messages.

Starting at $39/month (paid annually) for a Professional plan with one user, Ten social profiles, & unlimited scheduling, Hootsuite’s team options start at $129/month (priced annually).

Useful for small teams to manage their social media accounts


If you want to assign social media administration to someone in the company, you’ll have to pay a hefty price for the privilege. (You might save money by giving them your login details, but there is a slew of security problems.) Although the Small Team plan with SocialPilot starts at $50/month & includes two additional team members plus 25 social media accounts, it is more expensive than the free option. Buffer and Hootsuite would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars more each year than the free options.

There is nothing wrong with SocialPilot’s interface, however, it is a little outdated. Manage your articles and accounts, access your inboxes or stats, line up data from RSS feeds and configure your team or client settings in the sidebar tabs. A solid social media management program has all of the features you’d expect, but the Team options are the most appealing.

Based on your needs, you can give each member of your team a specific position. As an example, you can have content creators submit all postings for approval, or you can allow managers to modify and schedule but still keep official approval for yourself. As a result, you can delegate tasks to your coworkers without allowing them to go wild.

With Zapier integration, you can have SocialPilot automatically add material to your queue as soon as a new event occurs in other apps that you use frequently.

Professional Plan: $30/month; Small Team Plan includes 3 users & 25 accounts: $50/month.

The best tool for scheduling your social media postings


Using MeetEdgar is like having a social media manager on call at all times. When it comes to social media management, it handles most of the heavy jobs for you. This is only a scheduling tool, not an analytics one.

MeetEdgar’s automation is what sets it apart. The program can find relevant quotes from links and then generate updates to accompany them. Using the Suggest Variations button after you paste your link, MeetEdgar will provide four possible modifications based on the content of your link. Click Save and then Library once you’ve made any changes or additions you’d like. During our study, it’s the only program we found that truly generates your material for you. It’s even better because it can develop new variations on updates that have worked well in the past, making it very easy to reuse content without duplicating it.

As a further bonus, you can classify your posts. Add pieces of content to various categories so that you may properly divide up your calendar. Depending on the nature of your content, you may also want to create separate categories for your blog articles, how-to pages, and promotional material. Color-coded sections make it simple to ensure that your calendar includes a variety of content that will appeal to a wide range of people. As an alternative to manually adding content from sources such as blogs and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with a simple import.

A/B testing is used to find the best practices in MeetEdgar; in addition, you can use built-in ed.gr URL shortener to measure clicks. A bookmarklet on Safari or Firefox can also be used to schedule content on the web.

It’s possible to use MeetEdgar with Zapier to automatically submit your and other people’s articles to the Edgar library.

It costs as little as $19/month for Edgar Lite, which includes three social accounts and an infinite media library.

Everything you need on a budget-friendly social media management platform


Sendible is an all-in-one social media management tool that stands out because of its low price point. It has more complex features at a lower cost than any other software we’ve tried.

A comprehensive set of tools is included, as you might anticipate. All connected social media platforms, blogs, or mailing lists can be queued up for posts. When you use Smart Queues, you have the option of enabling your best-performing evergreen material to be automatically repeated in the future so that you can maximize engagement.

There are no better scheduling tools out there. You may connect RSS feeds to a shared calendar to automatically filter and plan future content, and the calendar shows all of the pending updates across all of your connected networks.

You can monitor social media for any mentions of your business, your competitors, or even other words of interest with Sendible. Setting up a suitable keyword alert is all that is required. You can choose which keywords you wish to target, as well as optional inclusions and exclusions, and where the postings were written. After that, you can either look at the list of specific keyword results in your dashboards or have them sent to your email address on a daily and weekly basis by an auto-response scheduler. You have the option of only receiving notifications that are either good or negative.

Sendible, also provides eight pre-built statistics (including Google Analytics integration) even on its most basic plan, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your social media efforts. The social media channels will be updated with a list of any comments, mentions, and direct messages you receive. There are few other solutions in this pricing range that include all of the features of corporate social media management apps.

Sendible’s Creator plan, which includes one user, six services, plus 100 posts each day, costs $29 per month.