Welcome to the first chapter of my Make Money Online Course for Free, and in this article, we will discuss Content Publication Analysis for New Online Businesses.

But before we go through the process, let me tell you about what Content Publication Analysis means in this course which is the process of planning what type of online business we will choose or make, and what topic we focus on to generate content.

Also, whatever I discuss in every chapter of this course, please do know that all information is based on what works for me and I cannot promise it would work for you, because in reality, doing business is a trial and error.

It’s not always a win. There are times we do fail – even me – but what’s important is that we try and try until we succeed. But I want to congratulate you for taking the first step of making money online and that’s deciding to learn from this course and further taking action which is very important to be successful in life in general.

How to Choose A Profitable Niche

To choose a profitable niche, there are certain criteria of questions I need to be answered to when deciding on what project I will work with, and these are the following:

  • Is it interesting?
  • Is it Sustainable?
  • Is it Popular?
  • Can I make money as an affiliate?

1. It should be interesting for us to be motivated in long-term

Why do we need a niche that interests us? The short answer is that what interests us, motivates us.

In other words, we need a niche that interests us because even though we work hard for our goals in life, the result may get delayed way further than we are expecting. So with niches or topics that interest you, it keeps us going long-term, especially in the hard times which will be much more motivating in one sense rather than the other.

Just do know that choosing a niche doesn’t have to be your most valuable asset or talent. And you don’t have to be an expert on it.

If we are interested in a certain topic that can be of value to others, then that would be a good topic of interest.

I would suggest gathering maybe around 3 niches that interest you and we validate those further based on the other criteria mentioned earlier.

Don’t be afraid to choose whatever you like. Just decide.

The good news when you make that decision is that there is no wrong decision.

The only wrong decision to that answer is the one you don’t make. The only wrong decision is indecision.

Someone once said,

The biggest risk is not taking any risk at all.

That was Mark Zuckerberg. He was 17 when he created Facebook.

You can also get help in the community to guide you all throughout your journey if in doubt.

2. We have to be practical to get started easily and succeed fast

When we’re choosing a niche, we always like to check on other popular trends. What others are doing and what others are successful with. Of course, that is important as well which means “following the trend” but not all are of value to you especially when you cannot afford it or it is almost next to impossible to apply a certain niche based on your convenience.

You don’t want an expensive setup to start.

It’s obvious, right? Why would we even choose a niche that is not sustainable at the end of the day? Let’s face it. We decided to learn to make money online to generate income instead of spending more for a certain niche when starting out.

For example, if you choose a niche about travelling and camping because it interests you, but you never experienced it before, then that would mean you will need to be spending more rather than spending a little to nothing when the niche you will choose is already part in your real-world as a cooking show of your favourite meals every single day.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Would it be much easier to apply good content to niches that are already part of your daily activities? Let’s say for example – cooking the easiest recipes you love in your kitchen, or maybe sharing tips about taking care of a pet related to yours.

If you never experienced your niche before, you probably need a lot of time learning things prior to really generating good content for this niche. And that’s time wasted whereas starting a niche that is already part of your life and you can create good or valuable content for it because of your recent experience. And providing valuable or good content is what the nature of our business leads to success so it is very important for the most part.

3. Pick a popular niche to get enough web traffic

Our niche should be popular or interesting to get enough web traffic which is ideally what we need to succeed in our online business.

What is web traffic?

Web traffic is the number of visitors to a website or webpage. It is important because this is the way you can promote certain products and services worldwide through the internet. And this is also the reason the advertising network pays you by placing adverts on your website or youtube channel, so that they can promote their services to your audience which views your website or youtube videos.

Without web traffic, even the best content we generate is useless because nobody will view your content which means you can never get any sales or your advertisers. In short, you cannot make money if that’s the case.

4. We should be able to Make Money as an Affiliate

When getting started publishing good content, you don’t get enough web traffic right away which means – relying on an advertising network earnings is not very ideal to pay the bills for running an online business, which leads us to come up with an alternative source of income and that is affiliate marketing or promoting other company’s products or services and when we successfully refer people to buy, we get a commission.

How to choose the right content for publication

One of the valuable parts of succeeding online is choosing the right topics for your content publication as a business to promote to as many people as possible worldwide through internet marketing, and here are some that I go through whenever getting started on a certain project:

1. Be Specific: Specializing is valuable and interesting

To come up with effective content for publication, we need to target a specific category to start with. This means talking about certain topics that interest specific people or are valuable to a specific audience to build a specialized reputation for our brand, because being specialized is much more valuable rather than being general.

Here are some examples… let’s say a Doctor. When you think about it, who earns more? A general physician or a specialized one?

And who would you call when your sink is broken? A Plumber guy or a Sink Repair Shop?

Mine would be of course the Sink Repair Shop and my guess is that would be yours, too, right? Because ideally from our perspective, we know that the Sink Repair Shop is much more experienced in repairing sinks rather than the general plumber guy.

I’m not saying it is the right answer. I’m just pointing out that it is a common perspective for most people that being specialized is being an expert in a certain category within the niche, and we want to take that perspective as an advantage when choosing the right topics for our content because it is much more valuable to most common readers or viewers which most probably leads to success in web traffic.

2. Plan Your Content Strategy: Organizing bulk or series of related content

This section is how we start to come up with a content strategy for our content publication topics which should fall into the following given criteria:

  • What specific topics to start with and expand further?
  • Does it have at least 1000-100k related search terms on Google or 100k views on YouTube?
  • Does it have products to promote?

These questions are the criteria we require to validate our chosen niche.

Organizing topics into a series of the related content will result in targeting a specific audience for a period of time which will build a good reputation for our brand and then easier for us to migrate into another sort of category when necessary because our audience already trusts us and will surely welcome any other related topics later on when we decide to expand further.

Gathering topics for content publication (Project Demo)

We will start with researching topics on google.com and take note of what search terms are related to our niche with at least 1000-100k monthly searches or with 100k views on YouTube. Also the products we can promote with affiliate programs.

Take note of them in any online notepad because we will still need to validate each topic later on if it is worth writing and also for us to generate the right title for the topic base on competition analysis.

Maybe it’s better to explain the idea with a demo, so let’s do this.

Let’s say we already prefilled our first criteria of “How to Choose a Profitable Niche” with the following:

Type of Business: Publisher Website or Blog with Youtube Channel
Niche: Affiliate Marketing Tools Review Website or Blog with Youtube Channel
Content Strategy: Content Publication Tools to start with – then just expand further.
Topic Requirement: Must have at least 1000-100k related search terms on Google or 100k views on YouTube

Now our goal is to fill up the next criteria of “Choosing the right content for publication” such as providing topics of content to write or publish on our blog and youtube channel.

We want to research based on several criteria as mentioned and prepare all these topics before starting our website or youtube channel so that we know if the niche is really worth starting with such as if we have anything to talk about and share valuable content for. Also, if people really are searching for any related terms for the niche – then that’s how the niche is validated.

Again, we validate the niche we have chosen by the topics we have researched and prepared for have at least 1000-100k related search terms on Google or 100k views on YouTube.

Now, let’s get into the dirty stuff. Ready?

First, we need to open google.com via incognito mode. But if you don’t live in the United States, I would suggest using a VPN with a US IP.

Why do we need a US IP for doing our research?

We want to search through a US IP to target users in the United States which means we want to come up with a result targeting US users because advertisers pay more for them and usually US people convert better than other countries due to the fact that they are much more stable when it comes to their earnings or careers and depending on our niche, which is in our case – we are promoting affiliate marketing tools – in which majority of US people are known to be business-minded rather than the others. At least in my opinion.

So to start with, we will use a Free VPN for the sake of this demo but I personally would suggest a premium one with a Free Trial which is this VPN as it is worldwide and the setup is very easy, recommended for beginners.

Download a browser extension called SetupVPN and install it in your browser.

Image from Gyazo

Once installed signup for a free account and log in through the browser extension. You can learn more about how to setup a free account with SetupVPN on their tutorial page here.

Image from Gyazo

Once ready, we need to first enable your private browser to use the extension. To do this, right-click the extension in your regular browser mode and click on “Manage extension

Image from Gyazo

Then select through right the “Allow in Incognito” section to enable the option.

Image from Gyazo

Once all these are done, you should now be able to use a United States region with built-in new IP with your activated extension with a logged-in free account.

Image from Gyazo

Now you can select “Continue as free user” and start navigating to google.com with incognito mode or with private browser mode.

Image from Gyazo

Start with typing your focus keyphrase which is “ai writer” and validate that it is potential for success when there are enough Ads that are showing as result.

This just means that the keyphrase is being paid for by advertisers, and it is important because people are willing to pay for that search term to be on top of Google.

So ideally, if you create content about it, surely people would be willing to advertise your content and any network would be willing to pay for that advert to your website or your videos on youtube.

Search Engine Analysis Partial Searches

In this section, we will gather topics to generate content for our new online business. We will use all these given Partial Searches lists where “X” is your focus keyword or keyphrase.

How to X
What X
Can X
Will X
Which X
How do you X
What is the difference between X
Pros and cons of X
Why does X
How to fix x
X ideas
Will x
Is / Are X
Can X
Why do/does X
Why don’t/doesn’t X
Why isn’t X
Where do X
When do X
Why can’t X
How do X
How much X
How many X
Isn’t X
Aren’t X
X vs
X alternatives
What if a X
X Ideas for
X Tips for
When to use X
Should you X
How to make X
What to do if X
How to use X
Is X worth it
Best X
How to fix X
Best way to use X
Prevent X
How often does X
X can’t X doesn’t
X won’t
X problem with
X step by step
Improve X
Best way to X
Best X for
Cheapest X
X Stopped
X Quit
X Started to
X Sounds

In this demo, we will not go over all the partial searches from the list but we will do at least one of those based on our demo project as mentioned earlier.

We will use the first one in the list “How to X” with the “AI Writer” focus keyphrase.


Image from Gyazo


Image from Gyazo

As you can see in the screenshots, we have found several search terms people are searching for which are related to our main keyphrase “ai writer” and these are the following:

how to use ai writer
how does ai writer work
what is ai writer
can ai replace writers

Furthermore, kindly do complete the research for the rest of the partial search terms from the list to gather 25-100 topics.

Once we have completed our list of focus keyphrases or topics, it’s time to polish effective titles for our content based on competition analysis.

Polish Title Topics with Competition Analysis

Now, let’s go over back to our incognito or private browser and search what our competitors use as their own titles that are on the first page of google or youtube.

For example, let’s use the keyphrase “how does ai writer work” as a demo and search what other articles use as their title.

Image from Gyazo

When you find a similar goal of content or titles (except ads) then try to recreate the title such as we either improve or make our own better than the others. If you don’t find any similar content based on your goal then use any title you think is best and eye-catching.

For this demo, I might use the title based on the competition “How does an A.I. writer work?” and recreate it into the following:

“How does an A.I. writer work? 5 tips to write content fast”
“How does an A.I. writer work? 3 best Free A.I. writer”

Then go over all the focus keyphrase lists and generate titles for your content. Once done then you are ready to move to the next chapter of the course.

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