You may boost a post or your event if you really want to reach as many people as possible.

Expand the reach of your company

When you advertise a post or an event, you have the option of choosing the audience you want to view. Select a group of individuals who enjoy your page, or even a new group of people, and share it with them.

Decide on a budget

When it comes to boosting or promoting your business, you’ll never be charged more than the budget you choose. Boosting a post costs a certain amount of money every day. Depending on your target demographic and budget, you may or not use up all of your daily budgets.

Use the Pages Manager software to manage your web pages and documents

In addition, the Pages Manager app gives you the ability to enhance content and create promotions. Create a post right from your smartphone or tablet, then choose the Boost Post and Promote option from the toolbar.

In the Advertiser Help Centre, you can find out how to increase the likelihood of your posts appearing in the News Feeds of your target audience.

Boosting certain types of content is recommended

Let your clients and followers in on the latest happenings at your company with a Facebook post on your company’s Page. To get the most out of your upgrades, here are some tips:

Disseminate relevant news and information

Facebook postings are a great way to remain in contact with your audience, whether it’s industry-related material or updates about what your firm is doing. To capture the reader’s attention, use brief, entertaining content and eye-catching visuals. In order to save time, you may even schedule your postings.

Make sure a special post gets the attention it deserves

Pin it on your Facebook page or include an embed code on your website to increase the visibility of the article you’ve just written. Pinnable posts are always shown at the top of the page, ensuring that they’re the first thing that new visitors will see. Your blog’s posts will be visible to visitors if you embed them.

Get the word out there about upcoming events and special offers

Your clients will appreciate it if you use social media to provide special deals and invite them to upcoming events.

In the Advertisers Help Center, you may learn how to boost a post straight from your Facebook page.

Make Your Event a Bigger Success

Promoting an occasion is what you mean by this phrase.

You may enhance an event you make from your Facebook Page to get more people to know about it, RSVP, and buy tickets.

  • An event may be promoted by making it an ad that appears in people’s News Feeds on Facebook.
  • Sponsored ads have a label just at the top that says such.
  • This feature allows you to insert either a “Get Tickets” or “Interested” button.

You must first establish an event before you can run this ad kind.

What are the benefits of boosting your event?

Consider the following example of how promoting an event might help you increase your chances of achieving your objectives.

Sam is the proprietor of Jasper’s Market, which hosts monthly cooking lessons. Sam sells $20 tickets to raise money to pay the expenses of the meal. He developed an event from his Facebook Page so that people can quickly read the time and date, location, and other key facts, as well as buy the ticket from his website, without having to leave their Facebook page.

Sam wants to encourage more people to get tickets for the event, so he decides the Boost the Event.

Select a goal to work towards.

For certain companies, such as Jasper’s Market, it may be more important to concentrate on raising ticket prices, whilst for others, it may be more important to increase awareness of the event. As a result, we have established two main objectives :

Requirements for a successful event

To make an event more successful, you must have the following elements:

Create a Facebook company page to promote your company.

An event that has been published on your Page and is eligible to be enhanced. Look for such a blue Increase Events button on the right side of the screen.

The appropriate Page position. If you establish a Page, you will be the administrator by default and will be able to run advertisements. If you want other individuals to be able to run advertisements, you’ll need to assign them an administrator, editor, moderator, or advertiser position.


To boost awareness for its teaching initiatives, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden aimed to draw a younger population to Anchors Aweigh, the first-ever garden party, which took place on June 1st. As a result, they set up a Facebook event but then just promoted it.

They targeted persons over the age of 21 who were interested in music & outdoor festivals with their event advertising. The marketing reached over 15,000 individuals, as well as the event, was filled out in 8 weeks, with much more than one quarter among all tickets being acquired directly via the social media platform of choice.

One of our goals for this event was to attract a new and younger audience, & Facebook was important in helping us achieve that goal. It was the first time for many of those in attendance since the great majority of individuals in attendance were not current members of our garden… Yet, despite this, the Anchors Aweigh Garden Soiree was found by the vast majority of our attendees via social media.

The most important takeaways

Increase the visibility of an event in order to attract more attendees and increase ticket sales.

People who live in close proximity to your event will be more likely to come if your adverts are targeted at them.

Make use of appealing, high-quality creativity to aid in the promotion of your brand.

Set your budget in accordance with the number of people you want to reach, bearing in mind possible income from ticket sales as well.