The use of social media has increased rivalry within the marketing business, according to 93% of marketers in the previous year. So, what is one of the most important factors in sticking out from the community? Content.

Every social media strategy is built on content creation. It is the method through which companies create their initial and enduring impressions on social media. For companies to interact and engage with new & loyal consumers, it is a critical component of their overall strategy.

The most valuable sorts of social media activity recognized by marketers will be discussed in detail in this article, as will how you may utilize social analytics to find the most useful forms of content to your company’s social media presence.

Top 3 Social Media Content Which Is Found Valuable in 2022

1. Video

The majority of marketers (54 percent) believe that video has been the most beneficial content medium for attaining social objectives.

Consumer demand for video is rising, as is the importance of video in attaining social objectives. Despite this, marketers’ content approaches continue to emphasize photographs and postings that include links. According to the Index’s findings, just 14% of Facebook posts, 11% of Instagram posts, and 5% of Twitter tweets include video content in aggregate. Taking a look at the split of released video content, businesses within a few sectors are outperforming the industry averages.

Why video material works on social media

Social video media is quite popular right now, & for good reason. Regardless of what your social media objectives are, the video may assist you in achieving those objectives.

According to Wyzowl’s 2021 State for Video Marketing Survey, an overwhelming number of video marketers believe that video has assisted them in increasing sales, driving traffic to their website, and improving customers’ comprehension of their service or product.

If your objectives are more focused on increasing community participation, social video content may be a wonderful resource to draw upon for inspiration. Insta videos get 49 percent more interaction than picture postings, according to the platform. Tweets that include video get ten times the amount of interaction as those that do not. Individuals who watch videos are also double as inclined to share them with their social networks as those who watch any other sort of material.

If the prominence of TikTok & Instagram Reels that’s any indicator, creating great videos does not need a limitless amount of time, money, and polish. The low-lift, creator-style videos may provide a degree of relatability to the content that viewers find appealing.

Video material may be recycled and spun into various content forms, in terms of being able to make effective, limited videos without requiring a significant commitment in time or money. Visit this page for nine recommendations on how to get the most out of the social media video content.

Best social media sites for video content

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are indeed the top 3 social media channels that people use to follow companies and that they would want to see more of from brands in general. Instagram, in particular, offers a wide range of tools for generating both long and short-form films, making it an excellent platform for experimenting with new video themes and styles.

You may be asking, what about the popular app TikTok? Despite the fact that individual producers rule the show here on the platform and businesses have yet to discover their sweet spot, marketers may benefit from the latest TikTok trends in a variety of ways.

2. Images

Images are in second place in the rankings among the most valued content format by a hair’s breadth. They’re also the most often shared kind of material on social media networks, according to data.

In contrast to most movies, still, pictures may be absorbed and enjoyed in a fraction of the time. It is your brand’s colors, poise, text (or lack thereof), and other characteristics that offer social users a quick impression of your company.

Why photos work well on social media 

I don’t know concerning you, but I’d rather look at pictures than read a hundred words if I had the choice. For the most part, social media consumers will feel the same way, as they want ease, accessibility, and conciseness in their communications.

These days, mobile phones are equipped with elevated cameras and editing facilities, allowing anybody to express their inner photographer to their full potential. As a result, social media marketers may take the initiative in developing photos for their content plan without having to hire a large number of additional employees. It has also made it possible for customers to submit elevated user-generated content (UGC) to the websites of their favorite companies.

Images submitted by users give a new layer to a company’s brand style, while also helping to foster a sense of community & relatability between the business and social media users.

Top social media for images

Images should be included in the content plan for any social media network, but Instagram & Pinterest are particularly well suited for visual material due to their innate aesthetic appeal as well as a few distinct benefits.

Instagram began as an image-sharing network. However, it has grown to be far more than that over time. It is estimated that photographs account for 87 percent of all Instagram content posted by marketing professionals. Take advantage of the fact that 48 percent of customers want companies to utilize the platform more often in order to stay competitive by increasing the speed of the photographs you share.

Although just 20% of customers follow companies on Pinterest, this should not stop marketers from posting photos on social media platforms. The vast majority of Pinterest customers aren’t shopping for a specific brand; rather, they’re seeking ideas and inspiration. In fact, unbranded searches account for 97 percent of all inquiries on the network. Pinterest users come to the network with an open mind and their eyes alert for visually appealing information that piques their attention, according to the company (and future purchases). The social media platforms Pinterest and Instagram both include social commerce tools that enable marketers to tag items in photographs, converting them into shoppable media.

3. Testimonials and customer feedback


People are more likely to trust the views and experiences of everyone else than they are to believe what a firm says, hence why testimonials and evaluations are so important.


The disadvantages are that it is not always simple to encourage consumers to provide testimonials. Furthermore, it’s the only form of material that is not entirely within your control. When it comes to reviews, there is no assurance that they will be favorable.

How we can produce good customer feedback

Contact previous customers & ask if they would be willing to provide a testimonial. The practice of rewarding customers for leaving reviews is not recommended since it may be seen as dishonest, and review services such as Yelp may penalize you for it if they do so.

The best platforms are as follows

Testimonials and reviews are effective on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook even includes built-in star ratings for company pages.