The internet is a vast place with many domain hosting companies to choose from. One of the most popular is GoDaddy. However, what if you want to transfer your domain to another hosting company? With this article, find out how to do so!

Many people ask how to transfer a domain from GoDaddy to Porkbun. There are a few different ways that can be completed through the website.

The first way is by going into your GoDaddy account and clicking on Domain’s Edit Settings. From here, you can click on Transfer Domain Out from GoDaddy Account to Another Registrar.

Once you have clicked on Transfer Out, Click on the Authorization confirming to view it and copy it to use when transferring your domain to Porkbun or any other registrar.

Requirements to Transfer Out Your Domain From GoDaddy

Before starting the transfer, make sure that the requirement below applies to you:

1. The domain is more than 60 days old.
2. The domain was not transferred between registrars within the last 60 days.
3. The domain is “Unlocked” for transfer or “Registrar Lock” is disabled.

How to Move / Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Another Host

If you want to transfer a domain to a different registrar then follow these steps:

1. Make sure that your domain is not locked and that privacy protection is disabled in the GoDaddy domain dashboard.
2. Wait until you receive the “domain unlock successful” email.
3. Get the domain authorization code from GoDaddy.
4. Go to the other host (or domain registrar) and request a transfer and pay for the domain transfer.
5. Accept the domain transfer.
6. Wait until you receive an email from Godaddy that the domain transfer is confirmed or complete, as well as from your new registrar. Then you can control the domain from the new registrar.

Why Would You Want to transfer from GoDaddy to PorkBun?

The transfer from GoDaddy to PorkBun is a need of the hour. This is because, in the past few years, we have seen a significant increase in the cases of cyber-attacks and data leakages.

These threats don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. So, you need to find a new domain name registrar that can guarantee your safety and security when it comes to hosting your website.

Domain names are one of the most important aspects of any website because it’s what people enter into their web browsers to get directed to your site. If you’re not careful with how you choose your domain registrar, then you may fall under cyber-attack or lose control over your domain name, like with my experience in the past, so don’t just register anywhere or follow the trend! make sure the provider is responsive and has a bit of a reputation. NOT JUST POPULAR.

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