In this post, I will walk you through exactly how to install CentOS on Windows using the latest version of VirtualBox from start to finish. We will cover the necessary steps involved in downloading and installing CentOS with VirtualBox, focusing especially on the configuration options that will enable you to successfully install CentOS or basically any OS on Windows.

CentOS Official Website

Installing Virtualbox 7.0.4 in Windows is a great way to use multiple operating systems on the same computer, such as CentOS 7. Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial that will guide you throughout the process:

How to Install CentOS 7 on Virtualbox 7.0.4 in Windows 10 Video Tutorial:

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Step 1: Download CentOS 7 .iso file (or Disc Image file)

First things first, navigate to and search the query “Download CentOS 7” or you can simply use this link to redirect you to the CentOS download page.

Now, once landing on the page, simply click on CentOS Linux > 7-2009 (which are CentOS versions) and under Architectures, select the x86_64 from the options:

CentOS Download Page

Now, Select the top mirror (or nearest to your location) under Other mirrors further away so that we can see the exact .iso file to download because under The following mirrors in your region should have the ISO images available, it doesn’t show exactly how we want it to show:

CentOS 7 mirror download links page

Navigate where the .iso file is and click to download:

Once downloaded, make sure to extract it from your download directory or wherever you have downloaded the archive file. Just navigate to the file and RIGHT-CLICK, then Extract it:

Extract CentOs Archive File

Download Virtualbox 7.0.4 for Windows

Navigate to and search the query “Download Virtualbox” or you can simply use this link to redirect you to the Virtualbox official website.

Once landed on the official website of Virtualbox, click on the Download VirtualBox button as shown below:

Virtualbox Official Website

Click on the Windows hosts link as per the screenshot below to Download the Virtualbox Installer:

Virtualbox Download Page

Save the file to your local Windows machine:

Step 3: Installing Virtualbox 7.0.4

Once done downloading, depending on where you have saved the installer file, you may now start to install Virtualbox on your Windows local machine by clicking on it with RIGHT-CLICK and making sure to Run as Administrator to avoid any interruption:

You will be prompted with a welcome screen to install the application, just click on the NEXT button (as well as to the next screen):

I just left the settings as default, and click on the NEXT button once again:

I just disregard this prompt, “Warning: Network Interfaces”, and click on the Yes button:

The same thing, click on the Yes button for the “Missing Dependencies Python Core / win32api” prompt:

Now, click Install Button:

It will not start the progress of the installation:

Once the progress is done, check the “Start Oracle VM Virtualbox 7.0.4 after installation” and then click on the Finish button:

Step 4: Installing CentOS 7 on Virtualbox 7.0.4

Now, it’s time to install CentOS through Virtualbox by creating a new virtual machine with our CentOS 7 .iso file, which we downloaded earlier. This video tutorial will guide you to do this step by step:

Final Thoughts

Installing a Linux-based operating system on Windows can seem daunting when you’re still starting out. Still, with the help of virtualization software like VirtualBox, it is a relatively simple process.

And with the help of this post, you now have the knowledge and resources necessary to start installing your own CentOS 7 or any supported system for Virtualbox on your Windows 10 local machine. Enjoy!