Is there a market for apps that can help you make money? Although it may seem improbable, money-making apps do exist. It’s not likely that these apps will make you a fortune, but they can provide you with a decent amount of cash or pay your cell phone bill. From mobile advertising to market research, you may use any or all of these money-making apps on the smartphone while commuting or while waiting for something to happen. Each and every dollar helps.

If you’re looking for ways to make money through market research, be on the lookout for scams that need a cost to register (do not participate) or overestimate the revenues that can be expected. Take a look at the app’s score and the feedback left by other users. Additionally, you can check with Better Firm Bureau to determine whether the business has had any reported complaints.

Apps that can be used in a variety of ways to earn money


Money App (iOS and Android) is now a market analysis app that pays you for doing tasks such as giving your opinion, playing games and checking out store displays, secret shopping, tests available, and engaging in free trials. Money App In order to redeem your rewards, you first need to register an account just on Money App and begin performing tasks. When compared to other market research apps, which often pay once per month or don’t give cash prizes at all, this one pays out within 2 to 3 weekdays of redeeming awards.


There is an app for both iOS and Android called iPoll that lets you to earn money by performing market surveys, writing diaries (such as dairy intake over three days), and fulfilling objectives around retail.

In order to establish your suitability for missions, you must first register and provide some basic info, such as your likes, dislikes, and shopping patterns. You will then receive alerts whenever there are new tasks that match your tastes and area. This given market research tool has the advantage of being personalized, so you’ll only be notified of projects and missions that you’ll be interested in.


Pro and amateur photographers can make additional money by selling images captured on a smartphone with Foap, a moneymaking application (available for iPhone and Android). It’s fairly brilliant, to be honest. For brands and marketing and advertising agencies, Foap is a crowdsourcing platform that allows them to find and purchase photographs from Foap’s database of more than 3 million photographers.

It’s simple: You create an account, post high-quality images with clear tags, as well as the community votes on which photos should be seen the most. You can earn at least $100 for each sale and $5 for each one. There are also “operations,” in which brands and agencies ask for certain photographs. The scope of these missions has recently been broadened to incorporate video as well.

Fluctuous Market

The bulk of us possess vehicles that sit unused for most of the time. Fluid Market, a new app in the sharing economy, lets you hire out your car, truck, SUV, or box van for an hour, day, or week. It’s accessible on iOS and Android.

You may make up to $24,000 annually renting the truck on Fluid, according to the company’s website. Drills, saws, and hedge trimmers are just some of the tools that may be rented out, as well as other unusual goods like platform shoes, a rowboat, and a tandem 2 person bicycle.


Swagbucks (available on iOS and Android) offers a $10 sign-up incentive for new members. Market research apps earns points by participating in surveys and shopping online, activities that can be done while you stand in line or on your way to work. To get points, you can also view videos. 

Are there any benefits to using this app? Swagbucks, unlike the other market analysis apps that collect third-party polls, offers a wide variety of questionnaires, which means more chances to earn money. Although there are many possibilities for surveys, you may be disqualified from participating in some of them because of your demographics. It’s another bonus of Swagbucks that you may redeem the points for gift cards or cashback offers from PayPal (the 2,500 Swagbucks points, valued $25 pay-out barrier are available).


Slidejoy, a lock screen app available on Google Play, rewards users for using it. Ads for news and advertising will begin to appear on your phone’s lock screen as soon as the app has been loaded. Alternatively, you can swipe to learn further, swipe up to see more adverts, or swipe right to return to the home screen. The excellent thing is that even if you don’t click on any of the adverts, you’re still making money since you will have to unlock the phone so many times a day. Aside from surveys, there are other ways to earn money via the app.

You can donate the earnings to a charity or get to be paid by Square Cash and PayPal (choose “regular” mode). In order to cash out your money, you’ll have to wait about three months after signing up for the service. A monthly cash-out payout will follow.


One customer of the Bookscouter application stated, “It’s a great method to get rid of books”. “The sale of four books brought in $170 for me. You’ll get the most money for your books if you place the highest bidder at the top of the list. “I’ll definitely be using it again.”

Using the Bookscouter app, you can make money from selling new and used books. Creating an account is a simple process after you download the program. Using your phone’s camera, scan the barcodes on the books you’re interested in, and you’ll get an aggregate of buyback values, with the greatest buyer just at the top. There will be no shipping costs for you.


You can also get paid via PayPal, and the Toluna app also offers benefits for something other than taking surveys—you can also build your own polls based on current affairs, shampoo habits, or your opinion on the latest tech device and gain bonus points for doing so.

To learn more about how to get the much out of Toluna, sign up for a webinar that explains how to do just that. 


Use the Userfeel app to take part in usability studies and earn money for your time and efforts. You may earn money by visiting and exploring new websites, completing basic tasks, and providing recorded comments. Video on the page provides an excellent visual representation of what is required.

Each test lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, and you’ll be paid $10 via PayPal and Payoneer for each one you complete.

One of the app’s most notable features is the “qualifications test,” which captures your voice and screen as you complete tasks. What you’ll be doing here is similar, but it’s free and solely meant to test the app and offer you feedback from the UserFeel team. The more tests you take, the better your ranking will be.


Online community & marketplace Musely is a popular platform for females to exchange good lifestyle advice and recommendations, from parenting to exercise, ranging from skincare to nutrition. Toxin-free nail polish and all-natural lipstick can be purchased on Musely, an online marketplace for eco-friendly and organic products.

On the app, becoming a “Muse” (essentially an influencer) and setting up a store to earn a 20 percent commission just on sales of the things you promote is how you can make money. Every month, on the 1st as well as the 15th, Musely distributes its earnings.