So here you are. you’ve made the bold decision to embark on a lucrative career in affiliate marketing. Congratulations!

There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs out there, but which one is best suited for beginners?

You may be seeking strategies to monetize their blogging material or a content website that earns cash via display advertising. There’s a good chance an affiliate network exists to meet your demands, no matter what sector or area you decide to target. So here’s how.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How to Choose the Best Program

When deciding on your first affiliate program, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s important to check at each program’s offerings, the niche it covers, as well as the grade of both physical and digital things they provide. Your website & social media presence should be carefully considered before deciding whether or not to promote these items.

The simplicity of use is another factor to consider when choosing an affiliate network for newbies. Learn how other affiliates feel about the program’s dashboards, how much assistance they give, and what SaaS tools they make provisions for individuals who lack technical or web development experience. This will help you make an informed decision about which programs to join.

It’s a good idea if you don’t have a lot of experience with WordPress, e_mail marketing, how and when to develop lead pages, or how to utilize plugins. You should only choose programs that will benefit both you and the network you join. Consider another program if you observe affiliates grumbling about lack of real-time help or how tough it was to join at the beginning.

Payout structures for the affiliates of the company’s affiliate marketing program should be laid out in full in the contract. Payout delays, difficulty with PayPal payments, and other issues with affiliate income are common complaints regarding affiliate networks. If you encounter these concerns in the ratings of a network, you may want to look elsewhere.

The number of merchants in an affiliate program or program should also be taken into account when making a decision. No affiliates are making money from the deal, therefore it would be preferable to seek something which is at least making money for others. Since it is obvious that the economic potential of this product is minimal, why would you invest time and money advertising it?

Following our discussion of your personal and company objectives, let’s take a closer look at the various affiliate business structures and their pros and cons.

Which Affiliate Marketing Programs Are Best for Beginners? We’ve Selected the Top 5

1. Amazon Associates

There is a good possibility that if you’ve done research on affiliate programs for beginners, you’ve heard of an Amazon Associates program. When it comes to generating money via affiliate marketing, Amazon’s affiliate program is the best in the business. Tutorials and classes on how to profit from this network may be found in hundreds, though not thousands, of places. It’s no surprise that the program made it to the top of the list based on its popularity. There are, however, a few points to keep in mind while using this tool.

First off, Amazon isn’t an affiliate network; it’s an online retailer. There are a few additional programs on this list that are essentially affiliate networks that manage the connection for both you and the affiliate offer’s real firm. Putting the program’s popularity aside, one may be asking what the advantages of using this affiliate network in your company are.


Having the biggest and oldest affiliate program in the world speaks volumes. To begin with, you’ll have a solid base thanks to Amazon’s well-known program for affiliates.

If you read Amazon affiliate program evaluations, you’ll note that the compensation structures have just been updated. Businesses that rely on one source of revenue were hit hard by this, while those that have diversified their sources of income fared better. This program is fantastic since it always pays on schedule.

The program’s simplicity of use is also worth mentioning. As it is one of the very simplest tools to use and integrate into an existing company, it is ideal for individuals who want to get started right away. Regardless of what kind of goods you’re looking for, Amazon has a wide variety to choose from. Amazon’s affiliate network is a great place to start for newbies because of the wide range of items available, and if you get some traction, you can switch to better-paying deals.


In addition to the fact that Amazon has a rigorous term of service clause that you must adhere to, there are additional drawbacks to this scheme. You may find examples of Amazon affiliates being reported for violating the terms of service by searching through their reviews. These problems are typically easy to fix, but they should be noted since they add another layer of complexity to the software.

Amazon’s affiliate program gives lesser rewards than most of the other programs on our list because of the sheer magnitude and quantity of affiliates it has. Think twice about relying only on this program after recent changes to the compensation rates for affiliates. Another issue that so many associates have for the Amazon program is that the tracking code was used to detect whether someone who clicked for your link has got all the way to a checkout window has a significantly shorter cookie lifespan (24 hours in most instances).

You won’t be able to get support from a real affiliate manager if you have any problems with this program. Many affiliates have complained about the difficulty of getting clear answers from anybody in this program, and the time it takes to resolve issues. This is why we constantly recommend diversifying your sources of income. Consider diversifying your revenue sources if your company is exclusively reliant on Amazon associate commissions, and don’t put all your chickens in one basket.

Many affiliates who come into our marketplace depend too much on Amazon, and although this program is fantastic for the sheer quantity of items you may modify to match your requirements, you should always try to diversify your product offerings.

2. Commission Junction

Companies and goods from all around the world use Commission Junction, a massive affiliate network. It has a proven record of becoming a good alternative for people who are just getting started in affiliate marketing.


If you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing, this is an excellent program to use since it’s been around for a while and gives a solid basis. If you’re looking to connect with such a wide variety of brands and firms in your field, this network is certainly worth a look.

CJ’s user interface has received a mixed response from reviewers, with some considering it easy to use and others deeming it a challenge. The following are among the most typical drawbacks of using this network as a novice:


In order to be admitted into the CJ affiliate network’s program, each brand or corporation needs a unique set of qualifications. In contrast to Amazon’s scheme, CJ requires prior permission before you may promote any and all items.

It is possible that few of the merchant’s brands & firms may offer immediate access, while others may take weeks or even months to reply. When you’re just beginning to start, this may be really irritating since you’ve already put in a lot of time and effort to bring your articles up to the standards of your industry.

In addition, several of the companies and corporations who are searching for affiliates may come and go over time. Sometimes, including some of the most well-known businesses are taken out of the program without notice, and this may be quite troublesome. Others have expressed their dissatisfaction with the difficulty of contacting customer service for concerns like canceled accounts with no explanation. As a newbie, you should be aware of the program’s possible drawbacks, especially if you form strong ties with the affiliated brands and firms in the network.

3. Impact

Another terrific affiliate network to consider when starting off in affiliate marketing is Impact, which leads the way in panel functionality and user experience (UI). For individuals who need additional performance measures to guide business choices, this tool has an easy-to-use interface that provides thorough performance monitoring and reporting.


This affiliate network has more than 1,000 businesses to choose from in a wide range of genres, so you’re sure to find something that fits your target audience. It’s no surprise that so many affiliates are raving about this program’s user interface and reporting dashboards.

Both new and seasoned members of Impact’s affiliate program may benefit from the excellent customer care the company offers. An accompanying “How-to” article and useful information make you feel as though the application cared about your achievement. Additionally, the fact that several businesses would quickly accept you in their program makes Impression stand out. To understand why this may be the case, let’s look at a few of the anchors that may be weighing you down in this particular program.


Impact’s affiliate program isn’t as simple to join as others we’ve discussed so far. Ways to look at it, this may either be a good or terrible thing. If your long-term ambitions need that you join a brand’s program sooner rather than later, you may discover this to be advantageous. Many have commented about the difficulty of learning this application because of the dashboard’s additional features. A few glitches and backend difficulties have been reported by members of this affiliate network, so bear this in mind while deciding whether or not to join.

4. Awin

Awin is a typical online marketplace, comparable to Amazon & Etsy, including over 13,000 advertisers now engaged in its affiliate network. The items and services covered by this program fall into four categories:

Financial services and insurance include the usual suspect’s such as personal loans, checking and savings accounts, real estate, and insurance.

Clothing, accessories, and gadgets are all included in retail and shopping.

In this area, you’ll find anything from web hosting and training to educational resources.

Travel includes it all from cruises to vacations, railroads, hotels, auto rentals, and air travel in general.

Awin has a wide variety of digital items and services to pick from, allowing an affiliate to target a certain niche. Content providers, site owners, influencers, & innovation partners that wish to promote their goods via lucrative collaborations may benefit from the platform’s marketplace function.


Awin has more than 15,000 active advertisers and more than 200,000 publishers in its network, making it a solid option for newbies. With over $100 and $50 million in sales since the beginning of 2019, there is no shortage of opportunities to make money with this program for those who are just starting out.

There are a number of overseas partners in Awin’s global network that provide greater commission rates if your firm is located outside of the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. With the Awin program, there is a Chrome plugin for affiliates that makes it easy for them to create connections from all of its partners. Etsy customers who prefer a more hands-on approach to your affiliate marketing material may find this handy. Take into account the e-commerce nature of Awin’s items when comparing them to other affiliate programs that you’ve used in the past.


For this affiliate program, the first thing that springs to mind is that it is older. Despite the fact that it was formed through the merging of 2 older affiliate networks, it is a newer network. This may be seen as less “stable” by some, and hence less suitable for building a company. When you have the opportunity, try new things.

In addition to the user experience in the dashboard, many affiliates have an issue with this network. The UI and dashboards are often criticized by users for being difficult to use.

Unlike some other programs we’ve discussed here, this network’s approval process is quite sluggish. When looking for an affiliated offer to promote, be on the lookout for “spammy” websites as well.


An affiliate network with more than 12,000 programs and 500 sponsors is FlexOffers. A wide variety of affiliate programs are available, from automobile services to legal services to sports and vacation. A lot of people love its new publishing platform, and the affiliate program may be the biggest of its kind.


No matter what your target audience is, this is an excellent affiliate program since it has such a wide variety of merchants to select from. When opposed to the other programs we’ve reviewed, FlexOffers takes a different approach. As a bonus for utilizing their link, you can join up to be a FlexOffers affiliate and divide the commissions earned with the merchant, making it simpler to be accepted into their program.

It is said that FlexOffers adds 50 new advertising programs every day, so if you don’t see something that fits your niche today, keep an eye out for anything that will. If you’re just getting started, this is a terrific way to get some new deals into your company model straight away.


As previously mentioned, FlexOffers has a healthy supply of accessible offers, however, some affiliates have reported problems receiving payment. A lot of people have complained about affiliates not getting paid on time for various reasons. If you’ve already put money into your firm and want to use the profits to expand it, keep this in mind.

The route you choose with these networks will influence how much money you can anticipate earning, as previously indicated with the sub-affiliate scheme. One of the main reasons for sub-affiliate schemes is because the partner programs are quite selective in who they accept, which may explain why it is necessary to have a registration procedure that is tough. Given that you’ll need a website design as soon as you set sail, this method may not be ideal for people who are just starting out.


As an affiliate marketer with some experience, you’re certainly interested in learning more than simply “Add some inbound links.”

Sophisticated online advertising is just like any other form of digital advertising. It all boils down to having a plan, knowing who your target market is, and using the appropriate resources.

A/B testing, checking your statistics, and investing in the correct tools can lead to improved affiliate marketing outcomes if you put in the time and effort.