You’ve certainly heard the buzz by now: digital marketing talents are in high demand as well as the digital skill shortage is expected to increase. The job market is booming and organizations are putting a greater emphasis on digital marketing than ever before.

Digital marketers have a lot to be excited about in the next year, including bigger budgets, higher salaries, and more job options.

Trying to figure out whether or not to alter employment paths or pursue a new education path? You may want to learn about the five key advantages of digital marketing first. The quality is top-notch, as we can attest to.

What is digital marketing?

Some aspects of digital marketing are similar to conventional marketing, such as the fact that you have a product to offer and are searching for strategies to create brand recognition and ultimately “close” a deal with consumers.

There are more positions and abilities than ever in digital marketing, which is why it’s so intriguing and exciting to work in.

Which digital marketing positions are out there, and which ones cover what?

It’s easy to get a job in digital marketing because of the large variety of positions available.

  • The creation of video and sounds.
  • Technology that is interactive (such as AI)
  • Marketing on the go
  • optimization for search engines (SEO)
  • marketing for search engines (SEM)
  • The term “social media” may be used to describe
  • E-commerce
  • For the purpose of marketing, send out emails.
  • Automated marketing is a term used to describe
  • Content curation and management
  • Development of the Internet
  • Writing and editing for web design
  • Analytics
  • Strategy for business or marketing

Think about acquiring education in at least 1 – 2 specialization areas, unless you’re going for management, wherein case you’ll need to know a lot.

What digital competencies are in high demand?

Every aspect of our lives has been transformed by the digital economy, and it’s here to stay. As compared to conventional marketing, there is a substantial amount of money invested in digital marketing.

While 93 percent of all online activity is initiated via a search engine, roughly 80 percent of Americans create an online transaction at least once per month, making SEO a more successful marketing tactic than other methods. You need a basic grasp of digital marketing for everyone who is thinking about establishing or running a company.

People who want to go into digital marketing and similar fields can find lots of opportunities. Content production & curation, social media marketing, MarTech, and analytics are some of the most sought-after talents in 2019, which is wonderful news for individuals who are more creative, social, and business-oriented.

Since SEO and SEM are at the core of what generates revenues in every organization, people with a more technical bent will find plenty of demand for their services and a great potential for financial reward.

As machine learning makes these kinds of occupations more difficult, anybody who can evaluate traffic conditions is gonna be a huge resource, particularly as these positions get more sophisticated.

When it comes to social media marketing, these are the top five advantages:

1. Become a sought-after expert in your field

I’m sure you’ve heard about the digital skills gap.

More than 2 million digital jobs would be created in the United Kingdom alone by 2020, yet there aren’t enough digital experts to fill them.

You’re preparing yourself for a profession where demand outstrips supply, giving you a distinct edge in the job market. This is always a smart decision.

Many new grads were left in a state of uncertainty, joblessness, and all-around misery during the global crisis. Wouldn’t it be good to learn new skills that may help you get a better job in the future, raise your job stability, or even help you advance in your career?

After the recession, it’s critical for you to regain control of your job and restore your self-confidence. Keep in mind that firms are still looking for useful abilities; you may just need to digitize them.

44 percent of organizations want to recruit more marketers, as seen by the recent Marketing Hiring Trends report. It’s time you seized the opportunity.

Top tip: Before you begin your digital advertising career, research more in digital marketing talents to ensure that you are prepared for success.

2. Having a Wider Range of Career Options

Digital experts with suitable expertise are in high demand by firms throughout the globe, from beginners to established companies.

Companies like Google and Airbnb are constantly on the search for fresh talent, especially as artificial intelligence is becoming more widespread and scalable. Artificial intelligence (AI) may speed up the time it takes for chatbots to respond to client inquiries and improve the quality of the service they provide.

Many new job options are now accessible for digital marketers, so they may be selective about the sort of organization they want to work for. We strongly advise you to make the most of your freedom of choice and consider what kind of company will best fit your professional goals.

Top tip: Marketing Week’s 2018 Career & Salary Survey found that automotive, tourism, higher education, as well as gaming and gambling, are the top five industries in which to work as a marketer.

3. Make More Money than Your Competitors

The popularity of digital marketing specialists is outstripping supply, as we’ve previously discussed. Traditional economics tells us what occurs next: the product’s value rises with its price. You might conceive of yourself as a commodity when you’re working in a lucrative business where there is a lack of skilled workers.

In a recent poll by The Creative Group, the number of marketing professionals is predicted to rise significantly. A CMO inside a corporate environment in the United States is projected to earn a median income of $164,000.

For digital experts, the employment market is intriguing and helpful since there is a lot of competition for talented people, regardless of industry.

As a result, those with the correct talents might not only command a high salary but also secure a host of other perks, such as bonuses, based on their position.

Your digital expertise is in high demand across the world. It’s an eye-opening film that outlines the most sought-after abilities in today’s workplace, as well as the wages you may expect to receive.

Top tip: Ensure that your income grows on an annual basis by upskilling on a constant basis in the skills that are relevant to your industry or company.

4 . Kickstart Your Career Easily

You’d have to wait for a desired internship or graduation placement to come up in more conventional fields like advertising so that you can get experience and build your own portfolio. There are several ways to get your foot in the door in the digital marketing business before even setting foot in a workplace.

Get noticed by prospective employers with these tips. Build a strong social media presence, attract Twitter followers, develop a blog, and participate in important online discussions. If you want to show off your digital marketing skills on your resume, there are a slew of online examinations that you can take.

Many individuals have been recruited after exhibiting their talents and skills via social media. A fashion artist from Dublin, Holly Shortall, gained attention when she texted her work to celebrities. She was contacted by a number of high-profile publications and fashion businesses, who commissioned her work.

5. Allow yourself to be imaginative 

Not only are there many chances for creatives to express themselves via writing, design, and even audio and video creation, but there is also plenty of area for everyday creativity in a broader sense.

Because in such a changing situation, there will always be a need for novel approaches to promoting goods, resolving issues, running A/B testing, enhancing customer experience, and engaging audiences, among other things.

Aside from that, the rapidity of digital marketing encourages experimentation, as businesses seek innovative methods to capitalize on things that are already working in the company as well as those that may be improved.

Consider the following scenario: your blog receives a large amount of traffic, but the conversion is poor. Or are there markets that are failing in Google Adwords? Perhaps A/B testing might be beneficial in order to better understand what clients do on the blog. Alternatively, including the American flag at the start of a film might increase interaction with an American audience.

Top tip: Embrace innovation and experimentation since they may be quite beneficial to your position and provide you with the opportunity to address difficulties or impediments in a new and innovative manner.

How Do You Become a Digital Marketing Professional?

In the case that you come from a marketing management or copywriting background as well as web development and even design experience, you already have a wealth of transferable talents that can help you succeed in digital marketing.

You’ll most likely want to start working with your own brand building & building a portfolio in establishing your own distinct digital presence on the internet.

It’s difficult to keep up with all of the current trends, but gaining a strong grasp of the fundamentals of emerging trends such as artificial intelligence & virtual worlds inside the context the how they’re utilized for advertising is a fantastic place to start.

You should surely make certain that your social networking streams are congruent with your talents and aptitude—in other words, speak about how you are interested inside and learn about as openly and as frequently as you are able to build credibility.

Create a blog on Medium and join a few Facebook groups related to your topic of interest to get started. You’ll also want to seek a thorough, respected training program that will allow you to get a certificate in one or both of the essential competencies.

Whenever it comes to seeking rewarding jobs, you’ll have an advantage over your colleagues after you’ve received your formal certification.


In the end, there are many chances for digital experts across a wide range of positions and sectors.

In an increasingly digital world, businesses on a worldwide scale are looking for qualified individuals who can cover skills shortages in their companies and help them achieve business goals such as lead generation, revenue generation, and brand recognition.

Future-proof your work with a working understanding of digital advertising to have a fast-paced and fun profession as well as a competitive income in this competitive industry.

With an Expert Diploma in Digital Marketing, you may jumpstart your digital advertising career right now.


Is a job in social marketing a wise choice?

Jobs in social media marketing are one of the most rapidly expanding career options. And this is because digital marketing is a rapidly expanding sector. As reported in the Buffer study, the State of Society 2019 survey found that 89.3 percent of marketers believe social media is extremely or somewhat crucial to their entire marketing strategy.

What exactly does a social marketing professional do?

Social media marketing professionals are employees of the marketing division who are responsible for creating, posting, and promoting online information through social media platforms on behalf of a company, organization, or collection of people or organizations. A social marketing professional will distribute material from other sources, leave comments on postings, and monitor posts from guests or other members on social media platforms.

What exactly is the significance of social media marketing?

People become more aware of a company as a result of social media marketing efforts. Every business is worthless without social marketing since a firm has a wider presence when the target customer base is aware of the kind of business one is engaged in. Social marketing is essential for every business to succeed.