Even though it’s been a while since my first $1 online paycheck, I’ve learned a lot about how to make money online in the meanwhile. And one by one, I’d want to present them to you, to offer you some background, I’d want to tell you a little bit about myself and my past.

I had no idea about web marketing, social networking sites, or search engine optimization at the time of my first job. In fact, I had no idea that you could generate money from the comfort of your own home. A few mentors along the road helped me realize that my internet presence might be used to make real money.

With my past out of the way, let’s have a look at some of the methods that you may start making money online. Check out these 19 methods to make $1 or more every day if you’re interested in making money online and also in your leisure time:

1. Google Adsense is the most well-known

As a financial adviser, I had to deal with a lot of constraints when I launched my blog. I was forced to rely on Google Adsense as the sole means to monetize just at a time because of the lack of other options. You just join up and Google provides you with a code that you can insert on your website to make money. The rest is handled by Google, and you get compensated each time a user clicks on one of your advertisements or makes a purchase.

 2. Text Links are the second kind of link.

Text links were the second method I used to earn $1 initially. Check out either article online and you’ll find highlighted words that you may click on to go to a different web page. This is an example of text links.

3. Sponsored Posts

A firm pays you to write about their service or product on your own website via a sponsored post, while my early earnings from sponsored posts on Good Economic Cents ranged from $1 to $2. I gradually increased my rates as time went on.

4. Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing is among the best ways to go. My earnings skyrocketed in a couple of weeks before it was possible to add affiliate connections to my website!

5. In-Flight Advertising (IFA)

Unlike Google Adsense, display advertising doesn’t need a reader clicking on the ad. Display advertisements are like online billboards, except instead of being on the side of the road, they are on your website.

6. Writing as a Part-Time Job

If you don’t mind doing some active labor in exchange for your money, freelancing as a writer is an additional approach to make money online. Getting your work seen by a broader audience is another advantage of freelancing.

7. Get new customers for your business with the help

It was to attract new customers for my financial professional planning that I established my blog. As a result of my internet presence, I was able to establish credibility and connect with a wider audience than I would have otherwise.

8. Coaching

You may also start an educational company online if you have unique knowledge in a certain niche. For me, this was totally unexpected. As I grew my blog and brand, a slew of individuals began contacting me to find out how they too could use the same strategies for their own businesses. Even though I started out giving advice for free out of a sense of altruism, I soon began charging a consultation fee.

9. Selling Prospects

You can also join Insurance companies as Agents and create a website for it. A friend of ours created a website to offer Life Insurance, he thought it would probably get him a client or two a month but soon he found out that he couldn’t keep up with the volume of leads.

10. Electronics and Software

There are a plethora of digital goods available, yet the market is never fully saturated. Some of my own, in fact!

11. On-Demand Training

My digital items have already been discussed, but remember that you may create almost any digital product on your own. There are a variety of formats to choose from: a PDF, youtube series, or a course. Please remember that you must provide the items and ensure that your product is of the best quality. You’ll quickly lose your street cred if you’re selling garbage solely to earn a profit.

12. Money making apps

Did you know you can earn $1 easily by completing simple tasks directly from your smartphone, using an android app by watching ads, filling a survey, playing games & earn, installing apps, and daily check-in

You can find these types of apps on PlayStore.

13. Selling photos

Did you have a habit of taking photos?, then you have to use Foap. Foap is an app available through smartphones where you can sell any images you have. By using Foap, you can now sell any kind of photos from your gallery for $5 per piece. You can upload any of your photos, from selfies, foods, pets, places, any kind of object for photography.

In some cases, Foap transferred photos to a partner which can be used on Adobe and Shutterstock, this can be your chance to earn more earnings.

14. Click & Earn

Instead of wasting time why don’t use it for earning money, time is money after all. Some of the Advertising Network companies will pay you just by clicking their ads. All you need to do is to sign up, log in, click ads, and withdraw. With this, you can alter time to profit.

15. Social Share Sponsorships

When a corporation pays you to promote their product or service on social media, it’s called a “sponsored social share.” There are a variety of social media platforms that may be used for this.

16. Selling Your Stuff on the Internet

You can become a seller and generate money by selling things online all the time. Most of the time, sellers use Facebook groups to market and sell their products. This wooden hutch was given to someone for free as a member of a cultural media partnership and we recently sold it.

17. Sell a Physical Good

One of my wife’s former co-workers had a product called Joyful Mommy Package, which was a monthly subscription box. Customers paid $1 a month to get these adorable boxes packed with things that happy moms adore.

18. Ads on YouTube

In spite of the fact that I started using YouTube in 2011, I didn’t switch on advertising until 2017. When I eventually enabled advertising, I saw my monthly income jump to $50!

19.  Brand Sponsorships

Sponsored posts are a part of this plan, but it is considerably more complicated. When you collaborate with a company, they expect more than just a sponsored article. To the point where advertisers will even pay for a sponsorship package that includes textual material as well as video or social media shares.


There are many methods to generate money online, but this list is not comprehensive. Our discussion didn’t include techniques like retail arbitrage, and membership clubs!

If you’re looking for methods to supplement your income, keep in mind that the internet offers a plethora of opportunities. There is a strong possibility that each of these ideas will work well for your lifestyle & objectives, even though most of these techniques don’t seem like fun to you. You won’t be sorry you started making money online.