It can be difficult to come up with new ideas for your company’s social media marketing initiatives.

Throughout the year, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of our greatest social media marketing concepts for you to employ. From creating original video content to increasing the number of emojis used in communications, even if you run a different type of business, these suggestions will help you create more interesting and engaging content.

If you’re looking to enhance customer engagement and revenue, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest social media marketing ideas for you.

1. Share fan-created material from your followers and admirers

It’s a terrific approach to provide your fanbase with a new viewpoint on your brand while also strengthening ties with your consumers and prospects by sharing user-generated material.

Consumers are more likely to believe content from a regular person than from a brand. In a survey conducted by AdWeek, 76 percent of participants stated they were much more inclined to trust the ordinary person, and practically all customers trust the suggestions of other consumers to the same extent.

Since you’re not the only one who thinks your brand is fantastic, user-generated content is an excellent social media marketing strategy.

2. Organize a gift or a contest

Who doesn’t enjoy getting something for nothing? While attempting to boost visibility and develop your audience, contests may be a terrific opportunity for you to engage with and interact with your fans and followers.

In fact, according to Tailwind, accounts that regularly run Instagram contests and giveaways grow at a rate that is almost 70 percent quicker than those that do not.

3. Create content that can be shared with others

Frequently, you’ll notice that people on social media may tag close friends in the replies on postings that they believe their friends will find interesting or useful.

Utilize this fast and easy promotion by providing comparable content and letting people tag a friend who they believe will enjoy or connect to the content you’ve created.

4. Photographs and films from behind-the-scenes are welcome

Posting behind-the-scenes photographs and videos from your company’s operations are among the most intimate promotional strategies.

This helps to demonstrate to your audience that your firm is comprised of a group of individuals who are dedicated to providing high-quality goods and services, which in turn enables you to develop stronger customer relationships and prospects.

5. Take advantage of Facebook’s “reactions” feature

The reaction button on Facebook is one of the most entertaining features. Users can react to Facebook postings and use one of five distinct reaction emoticons, which can be found on the platform’s website.

Instead of just “liking” a post, viewers can now select from a variety of options, including “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “mad.”

As opposed to the more common usage of these buttons for reacting to material from family and friends, brands can use them to communicate with their followers and assess interest or emotions about a particular topic.

The reactions of like, adore, and wow let the company know that visitors enjoyed the material and considered it amusing in general.

You should reconsider the social media content approach if you find yourself having furious responses to your posts.

6. Increase the number of emojis you use

If you use emoticons in social media postings, you have the opportunity to communicate with your audience while also enjoying a little fun along the way.

Following the advice of HootSuite, including emojis in your tweets has been shown to enhance engagement by 25.4 percent, while including them in your Facebook posts has been shown to better engage by 57 percent.

If you intend to use emoticons in the posts on social media or comments, you must select emojis that are appropriate for the situation and that you know the meaning of.

However, while including a couple of emojis in the post can undoubtedly help to give a very little flair to the material, don’t be scared to get a bit more creative with your content.

7. Make a how-to video to demonstrate your method

Video is a wonderful medium to employ when explaining complex concepts to your target audience. It was revealed by GlobalWebIndex that 60 percent of people stream and view videos even if they are streaming or not, including those seemingly random videos.

Although you might like to think about developing video lessons or “how-to” videos, this is not required. These are bits of content that are both visually appealing and entertaining, and they can be shared throughout social media networks.

Visual advice is provided throughout the process by this form of video content, which allows one to break stuff down into actionable steps.

Not to mention that it’s highly shareable, which means you’ll have a better chance of getting your content next to new audiences.

8. Take a poll of your audience

Using polls to reach your customers and learn more about what makes individuals tick is a quick and simple approach to learn more about them.

A poll on Twitter or Facebook can be created quickly and easily, allowing you to begin communicating with your audiences in a couple of moments.

This might be a wonderful approach to learn more about customer preference and so how you can adapt your plan to make their online experience more enjoyable and productive.

The Muse is a site that gives career guidance as well as other job-related information. This poll allows them to better engage with their audience even while receiving new insights about the types of material that their followers are interested in seeing from them.

9. Create a Facebook Live or public Instagram Story campaign to spread the word

Live video is among the most engaging types of content which you can utilize on social media, and it is becoming increasingly popular.

According to Social Influencers, users can spend up to three times as much time watching Fb Live videos as they do watching videos that were previously recorded.

Take advantage of this by going “live” on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Q&A sessions, product demonstrations, and even simply regular vlogging are all possibilities.

Your followers will find the experience more interesting because of the real-time engagement provided by live video.

You may be able to establish a more personal attachment with your fans as a result of being able to respond to their feedback and queries on the spot.

10. Join preference and another company

Partnering with another company that has the same target demographic as yours can be a fantastic strategy to enhance your publicity across the most popular social media platforms.

The idea is to select a company that is not a major rival, but whose market may be interested in the product or services as well. Both companies saw a potential for cooperation that’d be mutually beneficial to both of their respective businesses.

By collaborating to hold a social media competition, both companies will gain exposure to new markets and increase their brand awareness.

These were the easiest ways to make social media marketing interesting. But, you must know about some additional ways to spice up social media marketing.

Some additional techniques to make social media marketing interesting

Content such as blogs and movies can be repurposed

Creating excellent content does not necessitate the creation of entirely new ideas regularly.

There are numerous ways in which you may repurpose your material to get the greatest amount of value from it over time. This goes above and beyond simply sharing links to the content on the social media accounts to promote it. It can include the transformation of content into various formats that can appeal to a variety of different audiences.

It serves to generate anticipation for the long piece of information while also driving traffic to the company’s YouTube website, where visitors can discover even more excellent information.

Repurposing isn’t limited to video content, you can take infographics and turn them into larger blog entries, or you can put together a collection of articles to create an educational e-book.

Ultimately, this enables you to receive the most from each type of content over an extended period.

Curate content from third-party sources

No media platforms law forbids you from sharing content from other sites on social media platforms. You obviously might not want to share things with the competition, and this is understandable.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, publishing relevant, and engaging articles or content from 3rd sources enables you to deliver even greater value to your friends and followers while also displaying that your firm is up to speed on the newest trends and news in your sector.

Take advantage of popular themes

It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on what’s trending on social networks if you’re seeking social media advertising ideas to help you gain more visibility.

Trending topics are displayed in the sidebar of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, making it simple to see what’s popular on these networks.

A few factors should be taken into consideration before following the latest fashion trend. First and foremost, ensure that you comprehend the nature of the trend and the reasons for which individuals are using a particular hashtag, check to see if it is related to the brand or to the products or services that you are offering. If you have anything useful to add to the discourse, you may benefit from the fact that the topic is now trending to reach a new audience with your material, and, while we’re on the subject of hashtags, you should exercise caution when utilizing them when publishing on Instagram.

Instagram lets people include up to thirty hashtags inside a single post, but there is no requirement to utilize all of those hashtags at the same time.

According to Track Maven’s research, utilizing 9 hashtags in a posting has the best performance.

Please share your suggestions

It is not only about marketing your brand or services on social media that you need be creating great content. It is all about assisting potential consumers in better understanding their most difficult difficulties.

Sharing recommendations and guidance that will assist consumers in navigating these difficulties is an excellent approach to demonstrate your expertise while also building better relationships.

For example, Logitech is attempting to appeal to or develop a bond with a group of customers who are more likely to get and value their products if they engage with customers who work from the comfort of their own homes.

Throwback Thursday is an opportunity to reflect on the past

Throwback Thursday, often known as #TBT, is a popular topic on social media that is trending every Thursday.

If you scroll through the post with such a hashtag, you may come across some embarrassing photos or funny recollections from a person’s childhood.

While this is an entertaining approach for brands to communicate with their users, it is also an opportunity for them to showcase some of their actual histories.

Make use of hashtags to suggest that the post is a recall to a previous memory associated with your brand. Others will be able to find your photo on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

Post video testimonials on your website

Current consumers are the best people to speak up for your brand because they know it’s best.

When it comes to showing potential buyers what others have found some success with your products or services, video testimonials are a terrific tool to use.

Inquire with some of your most loyal customers if they’d be interested in providing a little testimonial video on why people love your company.

For a live aspect, you may even interview people at tradeshows or events as well as make this live material available to your friends and supporters on your social media channels.

Host the AMA series on your website

AMA, (Ask Me Anything), has been increasingly popular on Reddit, so it provides businesses with an excellent opportunity to communicate with and educate their customers and customers’ customers.

AMAs are comprised of audience questions that are answered by the expert.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about what your followers are interested in while also offering your business knowledge and skills.

You are under no obligation to host an AMA on Reddit. In reality, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram are excellent for receiving queries.

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