Be A Programmer Challenge – Introduction

On a Saturday afternoon, prior I enrolled to the online course “The Web Developer Bootcamp By Colt Steele at Udemy,” I thought about committing a program activity to myself (to spice up the learning process) which I am calling, Be A Programmer Challenge.

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Making It Happen

A phrase like “Making it happen” seems easy.

I think most people are familiar with this thought, including me.

I always beat myself up about this idea. So bad to really believe that I could get away from the action part. The real part where the luck is getting its way up to reality but then suddenly fall back because I just suck it that bad.

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About Mauwiks and The Blog

I can’t think of sweet words to say this but I’ll just say it anyway… This post will be all about myself, Mauwiks and the blog.

You probably be going to feel weird that you’re reading a blog post of my supposed to be an ABOUT PAGE unlike to some bloggers but I just kinda like it this way so let’s just leave it this way.

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