I started this blog to record the growth that I should have encountered when learning everything I need in the world of computer programming or development.

What happened is that, I got my focus shifted to another thing which is building a little online stuff, which is the Kind TechGroup (Your Web Branding Solution).

Because of this, I haven’t yet finished the development course I have (ongoing) from the last month, and others which are listed in my ToDo List that should be a priority for me. Is this bad? Maybe, yes or not.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks while I was busy (in the midst of building an online presence).

Both of the great events were to meet up with the new WordPress group in the city and Wedding of my Brother, held in Davao City.

I also got my bike renewed and I almost forgot, Haranistas (Native Serenade Business) were here and have helped me to successfully surprised my beloved.

During that long but quick period, I was able to build business systems ideally for Kind TechGroup or all its affiliates as well.

Apparently, I am finalizing all the needed stuff and requirements to pursue it on a legal basis with the help of a partner.

After it is stable, it should lead me to get back on track in regards to programming.

Wish me luck!

P.S. Photo is our simple banner in the event of WordPress Meetup. It will soon get better, I bet. 🙂

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