About Mauwiks and The Blog

I can’t think of a sweet way to say this, but I’ll just say it anyway… This post will be all about Mauwiks and the Blog, myself.

My About Page is A Post

You probably be going to feel weird that you’re reading a blog post of my supposed to be an about page unlike to some bloggers but I just kinda like it this way so let’s just leave it this way.

Also, this post will probably be updated from time to time based on my personal development progress.

So if you like crazy, weird but COOL stuff like me, read on…

The Awesome Person behind the Name: Mauwiks

By the way, my name is Mau Amolat from the Philippines. My family used to call me, Mau. But I am cool with Mauwiks.

Want to connect? I’m kinda awesome. Get in touch with either Mauwiks and the Blog here.

I call myself “Mauwiks” since I am joining along with great species in the world of Web and I think it’s kinda awesome to get a code name (not interesting, I know), so just leave it once again.

Another thing, I used to be teased by my cousins with this cool name early on, so that’s it. Enough with the nonsense stuff. Yeah, I know (it’s nonsense).

By the way, this is my personal blog which offers a series of entry about running towards my passion, definite great days, and whatsoever. And this is my second attempt blogging experience, since I accidentally ruined my first blog when I tried to back it up way back in 2016, completely in a wrong way and now I’m starting over (and it sucks really bad) but I’ve moved on, so expect everything not that cool, but hopefully it ends up valuable to everyone further. 

Read my blog post about Present Moment: How To Live And Get Over Easy.

How I Started to Blog

Writing became a habit of me when I realized it’s a great way to get my way out of stress at work and life in general.

Also, I discovered blogging is a tool for me in making things happen. And to be reminded and focus on my personal development through writing and sharing my thoughts out there, as well as how cool it is to be globally connected with like-minded individuals.

Likewise, a great way to disregard my interests in every social media habits which seems not a productive exercise for me, so I decided to eventually break that crap out of me.

Now, what else can I say?

Probably because I love to write and sometimes, when I get sensitive, I express my thoughts in writing or through rocking’ out some loud alternative music, but honestly (just saying) most of the time when I’m emotionally exhausted, I perform cardio exercise (like running), lose up my strength – get some coffee and then light up some cigarette.

Yeah, I know (not ideally good) and I’m sorry. It helps me to get better. But don’t worry, that’s one of my tasks in my bucket lists to get over with one of these days.

The truth is, although I don’t passionately write like some do, blogging sure is fun (and you should try it yourself).

Now what?

I’m up to running a life as a self-learning (wannabe) programmer apparently.

I’m a former Chief Operating Officer at certain advertising company nearby the town and have worked in different fields and companies around my country but then I got bored (countless times) with my recent life activities, especially with my career which made me thought of switching to the path I’ve always been passionate about which is computer programming. 

Check out my blog posts about Becoming A Self-Taught Programmer and learning to become one.

Personality and Interests

As a person, I like to be independent and resourceful in any way possible. I like the idea of making a difference to which or whom I’m associated with, in the best way.

When I want something, I find myself aggressive and very much determine to make it happen, whatever it takes.

Likewise, I love playing mind games like chess (for an instance but not today). As well as I love reading good books.

Aside from obsessing about self-development such as learning, achievements, and productivity – I always crave becoming a better version of myself. As well as to fulfill the financial freedom that I want and also to the people that surround me.

At work, I like to be independent towards my success, but I also do welcome any necessary assistance from a superior or anyone if possible.

Socially, I appreciate getting involved in a deep, smart, and fruitful conversation with different profiles of people.

I’m a talented motivator but a complete flat loser when motivating myself (yeah, it sucks).

Overall, at all times, you can picture me out as a person hungry for self-development. I’m addicted to learning stuff, crazy explorer of productivity and extremely passionate about computer programming.

Reading Tips: The Superhuman Habit by Tynan

Also, read about the program I’m up to these days, the Be A Programmer Challenge.

Well, I guess that’s all for now which is (enough to waste your time). Thank you for dropping by and reading my (boring first blog post) once again.

But cheers to that. I just started my first blog post. Amazing. 🙂

Check out my blog post about Making It Happen. Read Next >>

P.S. The photo was taken back in December (if I’m not mistaken) at Punta Del Sol Beach Resort in The Island City of Samal Philippines, during my instant vacation at that time. It’s when I first thought about switching career path and learning one of the coolest professions on this planet.

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